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Finally! We’re 65!

65 postIf there’s one thing I have learned over the more than two years that I have been writing this blog it’s that, while I am overall a pretty shallow gal, the one thing I am not shallow about is this blog. Funny, isn’t it? Perhaps even a little ironic, although I have a reliable source who informs me the word is used incorrectly about 95% of the time so you can decide if this is one of those. But funny or ironic, it’s not surprising really. You see for me, being shallow is not some sort of hobby or passing fancy. It’s a way of life. The lens through which I view the world. It’s the core of my very being. So what happens on this blog is important to me. And don’t get me wrong, things happen. At the beginning, you may recall that I expressed some concern about the possibility that writing about being shallow might result in my becoming less shallow. Fortunately, it hasn’t. In fact, while my goal has always been to help others better understand the life of a shallow person, I have come to the realization that, as an unexpected corollary, I too have come to a better understanding of such a life. Just by writing about it.

Honestly, if truth be told and you know it always is, I have to say I have learned more than one thing. I have also learned that, for the most part, shallow people try to view life from the sunny side. Which is not to say that everything is always hunky dory. You may recall that it is possible to be “shallow in a sad world” although one hopes that those times are few and far between. Not just for shallow people but for all people of course. But back to the point. Let’s think about aging. For some people aging is a bad thing. For some people the whole aging process reeks of fear and apprehension. But as a shallow person I have quite a different view about getting older. Let’s face it. Getting older is way better than the alternative. And there are perks. Like never having to lift your luggage off of those pesky carousals at the airport because, without exception, some young fella, seeing you standing there looking rather apprehensive about the prospect of lugging your inevitably overpacked case with the neon “heavy” sticker on it, will insist on doing it for you. And almost everything is cheaper. Movie theatres, drug stores, hotels, they all pay homage to the aged by at least 10%, most of the time. If you’re really lucky they’ll ask you for your ID before bestowing their gifts upon you. As you can see, even if they don’t there is a huge upside to reaching that magic age of 65. Which I haven’t of course. But with a modicum of luck, I eventually will.

And while I still have some time to put in before the “big day” you my friends, have finally made it! There are now 65 of you strong reading this blog. 65 people who have taken the initiative, the big step, that proverbial leap of faith and joined the shallow movement. 65 people who get this very blog sent to their email each and every time it is written. I know. Not all of the 65 are “actual” readers of the blog. Some of you only clicked on my blog so I would click on yours. Others simply want me to benefit from their surefire approach to increasing the revenue generated by my blog. Which in my case wouldn’t be all that difficult since even a buck would be a huge increase for me and I don’t really need to send $5.95 to a post office box in Utah to figure out how to raise that. Nevertheless, you are all here and you all count and I am supremely thankful for that.

Now I may be shallow but I’m no fool. I know that to some people 65 followers doesn’t seem like a lot. But I look at things a little differently. I look at things from the bright side and from that vantage point 65 is 65 more people than were reading anything I wrote two years ago. As a matter of fact, I’m guessing that nothing I have ever written has been read by more than 65 people. Except maybe the article I just had published in Nurse Education Today. Oh my! Did I just unabashedly and shamelessly plug myself in my own blog? Well there you have it. Proof positive that writing about being shallow has definitely not made me even one little iota less shallow. And from the sunny side of the street, that’s just hunky dory!

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