We’re off and running!

_finish_directionSo at first blush this isn’t going to appear to be shallow at all. But read on and you will see just how good I can be at making even the most sincere and heartfelt activities meet my needs.

Tomorrow my team, “Fast in the Past” (get it!) will be participating in the CityChase Race, which I am pretty sure was created just for people like me who always dreamed of taking part in the real “Amazing Race”  but didn’t have a handy moniker like “Dating Divorced Couple” or “Motorcycle Chicks” to get them in. So you get the picture. We get clues that make us run around to various landmarks in the city and, once we get there we undertake challenges that are presented to us. Like eating worms, or running the track or jumping over cars, and once we do this for six hours (you heard me, six!) we get to go to the finish line and let people know that we are done. No million bucks, no medal, probably not even a good bagel. Just the satisfaction of knowing we were able to finish.

But here’s the nice part about this. Our fees and any other money we can raise go to an amazing organization called “Right to Play“.  Here’s what the website says about that:

“By supporting us in our Chase, you will also be supporting every child’s right to play. It costs just $50 to provide a year of weekly sport and play programming to children in some of the world’s most disadvantaged communities. Right To Play implements programs in 20 countries around the world including: Africa, Asia, the Middle East and South America.”

The thing is we have just received our first challenge and it’s to raise money to get a stamp for ChasePoint #1. I won’t go into details here (let me just say the more we raise the better for all of us) but this is where you come in. If you like the cause and have a few extra shekels please take a moment to donate to our team by going to our pledge site at:  http://righttoplay.akaraisin.com/2013EdmontonChase/8dab5c47e4b64c17ad5bb8ab147f59e0

Donations of $20.00 or more automatically receive a tax receipt so it’s not costing you as much as you think.

Ok, you really don’t think this is shallow yet so here are some other reasons you should donate to our team:

  1. What could be more satisfying that knowing you had a part in putting  smiles on the face of little children as they play in the open air, leaving their troubles behind them for just a short while. Hey! They don’t call me the “Queen of Guilt” for nothing!
  2. My biggest concern about the race is that the weather tomorrow calls for rain and you know that’s going to play havoc with my hair. It’s a sacrifice but I’ll be there nonetheless.
  3. We’re running this with another team who have connections to folks with rather deep pockets. They have already surpassed their fundraising goal. This competition has really started.
  4. Have I ever asked you for anything, ever?

Now I know you’re thinking “I can do this but not right now”. Well, I hate to be pushy but the race starts tomorrow morning and I’ll need that stamp for ChasePoint #1 at the get go so there’s no better time than now to show your support.

Thanks for any help you provide and I’ll let you know how this things go as I’m pretty sure I’ll find a few shallow posts along the way.

BTW..if you happen to be one of the members of my family reading this feel free to pass it on to those who don’t. I would hate to have them miss out on this opportunity to support me.

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