So it’s not a museum. So what!

donutsI know, I did it again. Missed a week of posting. But that’s what happens when you’re approaching the end of your time away. It’s a funny thing being away from home for 2 months because you’re not really a tourist and you’re not really a local. You’re kind of in limbo, or as I like to put it “limboish”, which I realize is not really a word but I sure like the sound of it. You see, for the most part you just want to be comfortable in your new home, spending your days walking on the beach and drinking coffee on the patio of your local Starbucks just like everyone else which begs the question “doesn’t anyone here have a real job?”. On the other hand, there are so many new and exciting things to see and do that you feel somewhat compelled to devote at least part of your time visiting the local attractions. Especially during February which just happens to be museum month in this neck of the woods which means Macy’s and the San Diego Museum Council have partnered to let people like you and me get in for the price of just me.

There is quite a list of participating museums that will welcome you for 50% of the regular rate. Which is great if you don’t feel a little squeamish about taking money away from the coffers of what can only be struggling arts venues, especially now with this sequestration thing going on down here. For my part, on previous visits I have had the pleasure of visiting some of the more renowned sites and while interesting, as a shallow person I have never felt inclined to take a second jog around the block, so to speak. Which puts me right back where I started with the “what do I do to avoid looking more like a tourist than I already do” dilemma.

Fortunately, I’m the kind of person who keeps her nose to the grindstone, ear to the ground, finger on the pulse, eye on the prize (can you come up with more body part cliches?) and that’s how I found out about a local attraction that was right up my alley. I suppose I might have figured this out earlier had my beach walks not always ended up at that mother of all coffee chains, Starbucks. Had I not been so singularly focused I am certain I would have more quickly noticed the proliferation of what can only be considered a local phenomenon not to be missed. What, you ask, could be so significant as to make me question my penchant for non-fat, no-foam lattes?

Donuts. That’s right. Donuts. And these are not your “never fresh”, previously frozen, shipped and ready to bake specimens that we have come to settle for in my country of birth. No, these are “made on the premises”, warm and delicious delicacies that are best enjoyed no more than three hours out of the fryer. Of course there are not likely to be any left within that timeframe because donuts are clearly serious business here and not to be fooled with. That’s how I decided that my tourist dollar would be well spent visiting each of the most highly touted venues to compare their offerings and chime in on what seems to be somewhat of a rivalry among the locals.

And so my quest for the perfect donut began, but this was no easy task because we are talking about some pretty awesome fare. Now let me tell you there is a lot of controversy in these parts about who makes the most delectable donuts so I was not about to take my task lightly. I kept my wits about me and came up with a set of criteria by which to compare and made the somewhat difficult decision to stick with chocolate, difficult only because there are times that I do enjoy a good apple fritter. But I digress, once again.

After several visits to each shop I came to the stark realization that they were all good. Actually, they were all great. So what it came down to for me was, as your trusty realtor would say, “location, location, location”. I mean, the funky little hole in the wall with tons of charm that everyone, and I mean everyone, talks about as being the very best, really is but it’s a 10 minute drive down the highway, opens at 5 am and is pretty much down to holes only by mid morning. And then there is the closest one to home which is quite respectable and while the hours are great, it’s a little nondescript and a touch sterile in its rather austere, strip mall locale. So after much consideration, my vote has to go with the local barber’s choice (which I suspect is at least in part due to his shop being next door) not only because they continue to make donuts all day so there’s always a fresh one to be had, but also because, lo and behold, it’s on the way to my fav coffee shop and what could be better than a chocolate donut with an afternoon latte?

Ok, I know there are no museums on my sightseeing tour of choice, but so what! I had a delicious time and learned a lot about the culture and culinary delights of my second home. And it’s motivated me to come back to continue my exploration. Next year: Frozen Yoghurt.


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4 thoughts on “So it’s not a museum. So what!

  1. Martha says:

    I always find myself on the hunt for the best muffin. In Vancouver I found it at Whole Foods. Chocolate chunk espresso muffin, pure heaven!

  2. Louisa says:

    If you go to a museum at half price, when you wouldn’t have gone at all at full price, then you’re pumping money *into* the arts. I’m sure they’d let you pay extra if you feel guilty about it. 😉

    • wcaplan says:

      Funny you should say that ’cause guilt is what I do best. 😉 The real question is when are they going to have a program like this for the donuts?

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