I default to wearing black T-shirts. It’s not like I get up in the morning and say “I think I’ll wear a black T-shirt today”. It’s just that as I stand in my closet trying to decide what to wear I gravitate to them. It’s easy. I mean, what doesn’t go with a black T-shirt? Throw a cardi over it and you’ve got an outfit. And I’m ok with that…at least I was ok with it until one day when I was visiting my Auntie Fannie (have I mentioned she’s 93 years old and lives with my Mother) she looked at me and said “you should wear something more feminine”.

Now I had never really thought about my black t-shirts in this way, nor for that matter my Toms, which I wear primarily for the dual purpose of making me appear to be a good person while still looking cool. But now that my Auntie Fannie mentioned it, I realized that not only was she being honest, she was also being right. And while some people may have been less than pleased with this sudden revelation I knew that at that very moment Auntie Fannie had just made my life infinitely easier. Here’s why.

As a shallow person the decision-making process has never been particularly onerous since I usually just vacillate between “whatever” and “sure”, the latter being infinitely more positive than the former. But where things sometimes fall apart is in the level of confidence I have in my decisions. I am not always confident that I am making the right decision. The problem is that I don’t really have a reliable barometer to measure my decisions against. But at the very moment that my Auntie Fannie called me out on my attire I knew that my days of uncertainty were over. I knew that all I needed to do when making a decision was listen to that little voice in my head that implored me to consider what Auntie Fannie would say (WWAFS). I mean what more can you ask for from any decision than it be honest and right? And since it’s working so well for me I thought it could help you too.

You may have your own “Auntie Fannie” (if so just make the necessary changes to the acronym) but if you don’t you can use mine. Trust me, she’ll never give you a bum steer. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a safe bet, put your money on me wearing a dress next time I go for a visit.


2 thoughts on “WWAFS

  1. wader says:

    Love it! I’d like to give out WWAFS instructional pamphlets to the people wearing pyjamas in the airport.

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