I understand

I know that not everyone is or aspires to be shallow and that’s fine by me. Not only do I get it, I even understand the gap between my way of being and theirs. And while I am not currently inclined to try to build any bridges, the idea of doing so has never seemed insurmountable. Take travel for example.

A few years ago I ran into an old classmate of mine, had one of those “catch-up” chats, the kind you have after not having seen or thought of someone for 40 years, and then went home and immediately googled him, as anyone would. What I discovered was truly awe-inspiring. Both he and his wife have traveled to remote villages in various parts of the world, always living among the people in an effort to not only better understand them, but to learn from them and give back in whatever way they are able. They write about living intentionally and yoga, and the spiritual nature of their surroundings. They write about a room they found on the beach and they are happy because it has hot water, unlike the last. I so admire what they are doing and for a brief moment I even imagine what it would be like travel the world the way they do.

And then I remember…I collect Hyatt points. That gap might be wider than I thought.


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