Life is a Treadmill

Sometimes life drags you down into the basement. Mostly it’s those times when something big takes hold and you find yourself walking or running as fast as you can without really getting anywhere. You take the necessary steps forward but somehow wind up standing in the same place. Each time you think you’ve climbed the last hill you find yourself back at the bottom having to fight your way up again. Your window on the world is fuzzy and perhaps a little distorted. A quiet drone resonates in your head as your thoughts ricochet from one to another never really landing long enough to gain clarity. And just when you think you can’t go on any longer you stop, take a deep breath, and know you can make it if you really try.

Oh Geez! As I reread that first paragraph I’m imagining the puzzled look on your faces as you think “What the heck happened to the shallow blog?”. I know she said writing about being shallow might make her less shallow but we didn’t really think that could happen.” Mea Culpa! I just realized that I should have titled this post “Life on a Treadmill” rather than “Life is a Treadmill” which would have made much more sense and been infinitely less confusing. But since I didn’t and you might be reading too much into this, perhaps seeking some deeper meaning, let me re-explain.

Every night this week I’ve been in the basement on the treadmill trying to shed a little poundage which, through no fault of my own but rather as a result of the extra harsh winters we enjoy here in the north country, I have managed to acquire. I just want to buy myself some summer duds and since I’m not one to embrace change (at least not this kind), I would prefer to buy them in the same size I wore last year. Right now this weight loss thing is playing a significant role in my life so I’m thinking, what better to write about. To pass the time while on the treadmill I watch whatever reality TV show happens to be on the tube (yes, my TV has one) and because it’s an old 27” set, I’m having some trouble getting a clear picture. There are times I wonder if I can keep going but I’m pretty sure that if I can get through Steven Tyler’s unimaginably incomprehensible banter that is supposed to pass as his contribution to the development of the young men and women who have little choice but to pretend they understand what he is saying, I can get through anything.

That’s it! That’s all I was trying to say. Amazing what a difference one tiny little word can make. Have another look, you’ll see what I mean.


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