Born this way

As you may imagine I am not really into party politics.  And before you judge, remember I live in a province where the choice is between “Right” and “More Right”. But when a politician uses the lyrics of a pop song as a reference point for his rather draconian ideas about who should live how, well that gets my attention.  Throw in a little fire and brimstone and you really got me thinking.  And so it was that I began to wonder if being shallow was something I learned or could it be a genetic trait?  Do I have a choice? In other words, was I just born this way?

Now I love my Mother.  She’s a sophisticated, smart business woman who at 96 years old (no that’s not a typo) lives in her own condo and still fries up a mean bull’s eye.  But as I pondered this question a recent conversation we had came to mind.  It went something like this:

Mother: So what’s going on with that election in Alberta?
Me: Well Danielle Smith seems to be gaining ground.  We’re a little concerned.
Mother: Isn’t she the leader of the Wild Rose Party?
Me: That’s the one.  You know, the ones who don’t believe in climate change, think two-tiered health care will fix the lines, figure white people understand other white people best, and are pretty sure that gays are going to burn in hell.
Mother:  Yes, I’ve seen her on TV and it’s too right wing for me.  But you know, she’s a lovely looking woman.

Yep…I love my Mom but I think I’m gonna have to go with Lady GaGa on this one.


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